Here’s the YouTube Go Apk Download By Google YouTube Go Apk is available here this app is made for INDIA to sream Youtube videos on slow data connections. This new app from Google is developed keeping in mind people using slow data connections and will be first released in India and will optimize the viewing experience of the majority of Youtube users using 2G Networks. This app is supposed to be cost-effective due to lower consumption of data and will add offline viewing option which Google first introduced in 2014 on the Youtube App. The app will provide you with an option to select the resolution when both viewing and saving content on your youtube go apk. Above all the best feature with this app is the “Sharing options” which will let you share videos with your buddies using Bluetooth, a feature which is not present on the Youtube Go App. This is a major step and a strategic one taken up by Google to get more people to use Youtube and will prove to bring a huge amount of traffic to the video site.

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Youtube Go Apk Download

As we told you earlier, this Youtube Go Apk will be made available in India first and later on to other countries. If you are curious about this app and want to get your hands on it, you can visit this link and sign up for it.

Youtube Go Apk Download:

Youtube Go apk


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