Wire 1

Here’s Wire APK Arcade android game download which is an addicting one-touch game where you must browse by means of some difficult obstacles as a wire that is magic. The game also provides 19 unlockable templates that function each an audio experience that is unique.

You are invited to navigate as far as possible and make your best score.

This game is absolutely amazing and no joke but it’s actually my fave game for phones. There isn’t really that many good games for phones but this one is really good! And if u just found this while looking then check out Ben Phillips on youtube he is legit the best YouTuber in the world he pranks his brother a lot and it is really funny I literally watched every single 1 of his vids and I never get bored of them! And Ben if u see this ur the best keep it up!

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Requirements: 3.0 and up

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