Wheel Tool 1

The application checks the camber angle of the cars wheels – angles of wheel deflection from the vertical.
The angles of the camber of wheels have influence on the controllability of the car and tire wear. The application will help to identify intime the problem of installing wheels at wrong angles and will promptly turn to the maintenance station (SRT) to adjust properly the camber of the wheels.
To perform the camber check, the car must be installed on a flat and horizontal surface.
To calibrate your device by placing it vertically (for example, attach the back cover of the device to the vertical wall) and clicking on the green image of the level.
In the vertical position, attach back cover of the device to the clean, flat surface of the car’s tire, press the corresponding wheel on the screen and wait until its pulsing ends.
If the tire has defects, bumps or troughs that do not allow the device to be applied evenly, , use (for example) a piece of flat board or similar object to form the proper plane of the wheel to which the device can be attached.
Attention!!! This application is not intended for professional use and when is detected incorrect installation of the camber angle, it is recommended to contact the service center of maintenance of your car.
For more information about the camber angle of the cars wheels read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camber_angle
or use Internet 🙂

Category: Auto & Vehicles
Requirements: 1.6 and up

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