Here’s the Travian Kingdoms APK Download Free Android strategy game. Found a town and transform it into an EMPIRE! Be it a Roman, Gaul or Teutonic town that you start with – utilizing elaborate strategies, you will soon be the leader of a forceful domain in this methodology diversion. You secure your energy and impact through success. You attack Gold and assets and do an exchange with others. You additionally shape cooperations with different players (MMO).

Travian Kingdoms 2

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Travian: Kingdoms is free-to-play and one of the most successful and popular multiplayer games (MMO). It has been holding fans of simulation games from all around the world in its grasp for around ten years. The Travian developers have not only further improved the graphics in this new version, but also opened up lots of new strategic opportunities.

Begin as a GOVERNOR or KING! New in Travian: Kingdoms: You choose whether to begin as a lord or senator. As a rule, you will be in charge of the security of your governors. You grow your realm with the assistance of effective organisations together and lead your troops into the fight. The part of a representative is engaging, as well. Here you can focus completely on working up your reality. As a major aspect of mystery social orders, you can pit diverse lords and tribes against each other. At the point when the time is ready, you kick the lord off his royal position!

Manufacture ALLIANCES with different players! This lies at the centre of Travian: Kingdoms. Comment your fight triumphs with different players and get the pieces together after military thrashing. Be that as it may, keep an eye out: Alliances are not generally what they appear to be and entire armed forces change sides similarly as you call to fight.

Travian Kingdoms APK. MOD Updated/Latest Version:

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  • Found a Gaul, Roman or Teutonic town and develop it to wind up distinctly the focal point of your realm
  • Recruit a powerful armed force and join your troops in taking up arms against your adversaries
  • Fight as a group and shape organisations together with kindred players to push your foes to the edge of total collapse
  • More than 1.5 million players are sitting tight for you!
  • Choose your part as either KING or GOVERNOR
  • Turn your town into a prospering city
  • Raid ROBBER CAMPS and take assets
  • Play on both, your PC and additionally cell phone
  • Experience strategies, expertise and system – ANYTIME, ANYWHERE

Travian Kingdoms MODS Travian Kingdoms


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Travian Kingdoms APK Travian Kingdoms MOD APK


Travian Kingdoms APK

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