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Here’s Travia Returns APK Android Role Playing Game Free download is an MMORPG mobile game which focuses on feudal warfare.

  • Research
    So that you can take part in the warfare, you’ll need to perform with level and one style game up. This can be performed on Research way.
  • Research style consists of 2 4 periods. It’s possible for you to level up, collect gold and get equipment to both give them to improve your equipment that is outfitted or provide.
  • Conquest
    You’ll most likely fall short of Gold as you play-along Research. It is possible to either join the open-field Cure style or Automobile Repeat the exact same period repeatedly in Research manner.
  • In Cure way, you and other gamers can perform. You battle with them or will not be able to party upward, but it is possible to observe them and speak to them. Your personality will declare each of the Gold you’ll actually want.
  • Battleground
    There are additional MMORPG areas besides Cure style. One is the Battle Ground at which you may PvE and PvP in once.
  • The Battleground makes a great deal and lots of Gold in comparison with Cure or Research. However, you’ll be confronting additional gamers, therefore it’ll be an area that is risky to just automobile search. You’ll be put into the blue or red group as soon as you enter Battle-Ground. Your target is obviously to get just as much Gold. Have the teammate that is powerful is certainly an advantage here.
  • Stadium
    As it is going to automatically fix Products in Travia Results really are an invaluable part. This concoction may be brought in at the Stadium. One HP products will be got by you although you drop but may get more in the event that you earn. Therefore attempting the Stadium is definitely an advantage.

In the event that you believe you might be prepared for another phase and powerful enough, then join a guild and take part in the conflict that will be a land battle. Fief Profession Conflict occurs during weekdays. Plunder Conflicts occurs throughout the weekends.

Feudal war will progress from Monday(00:00) ~ Friday(24:00) every weekday. You will need feudal war enter key to join the feudal war. (If you have used all the keys, you can use Gems to enter.)

You can join the feudal war with four of your Bot Guild Members. (Once you have accompanied the Guild Members, you will not be able to use them for 6 hours.)

Fief will open with 3 maps after settlement time (12:00 on Sunday). (We will add more Fiefs later on)

1. Astara Ruins 1F
2. Balmor Swamp
3. Britrah Forest

Plunder is a method at which it is possible to switch Feudal Factors from some other guilds.

You’ll need the key is entered by Feudal conflict to carry on with Plunder. (It is possible to utilise Stone to enter at the same time. You won’t use up any important when guarding.)

Once you have ruined the opposition’s guild centre the conflict may happen in actual time and ending.

You will not be able to resurrect when you die during Plunder. (The defence team will be able to resurrect and be invulnerable for 5 seconds. You also will be able to reenter.)

Show your might !!
And emerge as a hero !!
In the world of Travia Returns!!

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Requirements: 4.4 and up

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