Here’s the Revenge of Johnny Bonasera full version android adventure game download. That is the story of Bonasera, a child that embarrassed and was defeated by a team punk. Motivated by an insatiable desire to have revenge, retaliation is promised by Johnny Bonasera against all the punks who humiliated him. Onebyone. Unethical. Mercilessly.

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The Vengeance of Bonasera is Game and on the play store that is android on Google: It’s the narrative of man that is fantastic called Johnny that h AS been dramatically defeated by the team punk that is unkind. Johny desires revenge for his humiliation. Love installing this game in your device that is android and smash the opponents of Bonasera.

The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera MOD APK Updated/Latest Version:

Improvements in menu screen

Android adventure game full game free download


  • 2 High Definition images in Television animation design.
  • An experience filled with questions and uproarious dialogues.
  • Extravagant characters to speak, socialise, humiliate, be at, takedown…
  • Texts in European and Language.

The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera full game


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The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera APK The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera MOD APK

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