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Here’s The Learning Lock APK an Android lock screen application download. This is a clever lock screen app that uses machine learning to detect anomalies in your pattern unlock and will ask for a backup PIN if it found that the attempt was suspicious.

A lock screen is an interface component utilised by different systems that are operating. They control the instant use of a device by demanding the person execute a specific activity so that you can obtain entry, including inputting a password, employing a specific pattern combination, or executing a particular motion by means of a touch screen device. While many secure features on Computer systems simply use a log-in screen, secure displays on mobile phones generally provide more features beyond unleashing the phone: including notifications for a time and day show and texts, e-mails, shortcuts to specific programs.

The Learning Lock Developed by Alston Lin
The Learning Lock Designed by David Liu
Contributions from Ejaaz Merali and Tyler Wang

Category: Android Apps APK Latest
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Requirements: 4.4 and up

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