THE LAMP Advanced 1

Here’s THE LAMP Advanced APK Latest Android Arcade game free download. The double siblings of Evening and Day possess exceptional forces of night and light. But because of the comparing forces, unmanageable madness has been introduced by them to the planet, and after lengthy years of the battle involving both, they’ve produced an arrangement to divide some time into evening and daylight. But each of the light on earth, one day simply disappeared, and a Champ is sent by Evening to a world in search of mild that was lost.


  • light that needs numerous Manager Periods along with skilled handle!
  • you will find challenging periods have to shine on most of the mild things in the phase to get a reward that is high.
  • Purchase distinct Lightbulb qualifications and perform in distinctive and fun surroundings.


  • LAMP is an arcade/puzzle single player game.

Game Purpose.

  • Your player character is the Bulb. You must roll it carefully so that it doesn’t break and clear each Stage.
  • Solve various puzzles by using Roll, Jump, and Light functions!
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Requirements: 2.3 and up

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