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Here’s Tap Summoner APK Android strategy game download is a mobile RPG Structure Defence and Violation activity collectable card battle game with real-time busy putting on the fight! This sport is concentrated in therefore summoning minions to attack the foe in a Battle Royale around patting on your display over and over.

Exceptional Customised Dungeon Crawlers
4-5 minions that are exceptional and perform 15 exceptional summoners, each using their particular powers on the bad conflict in the battle royale. Select the Bomoh for expletive animals, Madscientist for instilling anxiety and a lot more, a Taoist, for zombie-apocalypse!

Answer the call
Just you as well as your card may trip to aid the planet to be conquered by Devi and discover their exceptional abilities to reject the over-lord of every planet. Increase in the enigma of the Underworld, increase beneath the burning nightmare of hard, go through the progress area of the world to function as the most powerful overlord fighting in a Battle Royale.

Tap offence conflicts that are
Real-time paced structure defence and crime fight and fast in the warfare between Summoners! Pat on the display to call minion to immediately decimate your enemy. The more taps you earn, the more disastrous your crime is going to be. Provide character unique exceptional powers like the Wrath of the Over-Lord or Scientist Cloud!


  • Real Time Strategy – Tap and hold to summon the minion of your choice
  • Choose your masters to help offensively and defensively
  • 15 Collectable Unique Masters – All with their own special abilities
  • 45 Collectable Unique Minions to Summon
  • 5 Worlds to conquer
  • Real-time and fast paced tower offence combat!
  • Addictive Collect them all gameplay
  • Treasure Chest daily reward
  • Equip your summoners with legendary equipment!
  • Unlock and Upgrade your Summoners
  • Tower Defense and Offence combo
  • Final Localised languages to be supported and will be confirmed soon.
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Requirements: 2.3 and up

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