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Stellar Wanderer is an attractive space opera set in a huge open-world world. Experience various stunning room models, each with curiosity factors that are a few. Make select several boats or credits for the boat of your choice! Track your boat with over 100 things which are now accessible the sport.

Stellar Wanderer LATEST Version:

Fixed issues with Samsung S8 series.
Fixed issues with Samsung Note 8 series.
Added 10 units med-evac equipment.
Added 10 units passenger cabin equipment.
Added new cargo expansion equipment.
Updated Teleporters and Nano Repair Kit power consumption.
Fixed a bug not allowing the Rhino ship to have an extra equipment slot when purchased.
No more transport missions are with destinations without bases.
Reduced the difficulty of "Science on the Wild" mission.
Several other smaller bugfixes.

Stellar Wanderer:

  • 10 digital joystick or accelerometer
  • Use hrs of gameplay to finish the line
  • Seat perspective to get a third-person perspective or a more immersive experience for observation.
  • Battle, research, commerce.
  • Stunning images with an exceptional setting for every room established.
  • Develop your own skills and pick the best route that fits your play-style.
  • Become DEALER a FIGHTER, CONTAINER or TECHNOLOGIST, each having its bonuses and special powers.
  • Follow the primary storyline or select the side assignments you’d like to perform. Mine for sources or function as the most harmful sailing in the universe.
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Requirements: 4.2 and up

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