Spray Can Art - Paint Graffiti 1

🎨 😎 Release your inner Graffiti master! Spray paint cool Graffiti Artworks, or just doodle. Spray Can Art is a Digital Graffiti Canvas bundled with unlimited paint for YOU to use!

✔ Mix any Color.
✔ Change cap/nozzle size.
✔ Paint on a moving Subway Train – YOU control its motion.
✔ Includes a realistic spray can simulator, for fun and pranks. – Shake it!
✔ Save your work.
✔ Share your Artworks and Wholecars.

Draw Graffiti letters or Tags, create Burners or Throw Ups, just Paint and have Fun!
A fun app for all Aerosol Art Creators, Graffiti Writers and Street Artists out there. Enjoy!

🎨 😎 “A fun little graffiti gizmo” – Spraycan Art.

Disclaimer: If you uninstall the app you will also remove all graffiti artworks saved within the apps own gallery!

*** And of course: NEVER paint on others property without permission. ***

A legal Graffiti burner is pure art and not vandalism, respect! 👊

Category: Art & Design
Requirements: 2.3 and up

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