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SafeTravels was developed with road tripping in mind and is a great way to keep friends and loved ones updated with your location along the way, but the application could also be used in any case where the user would like to send location updates to somebody with a smartphone. Feel free to use SafeTravels however you like, you can track the location of your children, make sure loved ones arrive home safely, or just use it for fun!

The application allows the user to enter a mobile contact and a time interval in which SMS (text) messages will be sent out containing location updates. Location updates will continue until the user clicks ‘STOP’ or until the application is terminated.

* Continues sending location updates while app is in the background, so there is no need to keep it open after you start. Keep your eyes on the road!!!
* A custom LocationService class was implemented to update the location only when necessary in order to maximize battery life.
* Sends location updates as SMS messages with a google maps URL so anybody with a smartphone can receive the updates.
* Simple, lightweight, and very easy to use

NOTE: May not work for some users running Marshmallow or above. This will be fixed soon!

Category: Travel & Local
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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