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McAfee Safe Connect VPN Proxy & WiFi Privacy gives you bank-grade encryption to help keep all your online activities, sites visited, and personally identifiable information private and secure – even on public Wi-Fi or any open networks.

With McAfee Safe Connect, your network connection is encrypted from your device. Safe Connect will hide your IP address and let you browse online anonymously so that your physical location & information you transmit are secure. Hackers and cyber criminals won’t be able to easily see what you are doing online or capture your sensitive information (e.g. photos, credit card info and passwords).

When to use McAfee Safe Connect?

We suggest you keep McAfee Safe Connect turned ON to minimize your individual online security risks and to help keep your data private from prying eyes, especially when you are connecting to a public Wi-Fi hotspot or any open network. Unlike home WiFi networks, the vast majority of public WiFi hotspots offered at cafés, airports, and hotels usually aren’t password-protected and don’t encrypt the data being transmitted. Therefore, when you connect to a hotspot, your online activities from your social media content to bank account credentials to your online purchase history may be wide open to hackers.

Safeguard your online privacy. Download McAfee Safe Connect VPN Proxy & WiFi Privacy NOW to:
• Keep sensitive info like passwords and credit cards private
• Browse anonymously so you can’t be tracked online


Wi-Fi PRIVACY: Bank-grade encryption keeps your sensitive info private when you use Wi-Fi hotspots and open networks.
PRIVATE AND ANONYMOUS: Surf the web privately and anonymously without leaving a trace.
UNLIMITED (Paid users only): Enjoy unlimited data protection for up to 5 Android & iOS devices simultaneously. (PC version coming soon!)
VIRTUAL LOCATIONS (Paid users only): Access your favorite online content from anywhere.
EASY: Protect yourself with a single tap.
FREE: Keep using the app free for up to 250MB per month.
NO ADS: Because no one likes being interrupted by ads.


• McAfee Safe Connect creates a secure VPN network for you to help ensure your online activities, visited sites, and sensitive information stay private and secured — even on public Wi-Fi and unsecured networks.
• Your online activities are encrypted to help prevent attacks by potential hacker or data thieves.
• Access your favorite online content from anywhere, as if you were sitting in your living room.


McAfee Safe Connect uses a VPN, or virtual private network, to create a secure network connection. All traffic — data, voice, and video — is encrypted and goes through a secure virtual tunnel between your device and our servers. This keeps your info private and your browsing safe. And don’t worry, we don’t look at or log any info you send or receive.


Start 7 days free trial plus monthly premium subscription.
McAfee Safe Connect Premium comes with:
• Unlimited data protection for up to 5 Android & iOS devices simultaneously
• Several virtual server locations
• Free 24/7 support

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