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Here’s Pigeoncraft APK Free Android adventure game download. Install and play Pigeoncraft latest android game on the Google Play store which is like the very popular Android game Minecraft and will keep you hooked to it thoroughly. Play this game with your friends and families and have a blast. Let us know your thoughts about the game in the comments below. One of the best adventure game on android devices right now.

The Action Adventure video game style contains computer games that combine primary components in the adventure and action types. Together with the decrease of the action game style from popular recognition, using the phrase (as well as the cross-genre expression “Action Adventure”) is more liberal. It isn’t unusual for players to use the phrase “experience” or “action experience” to characterise the style of fiction to that a casino game goes, rather than the gameplay itself.

Action Adventure is a style that is hybrid, and therefore the description is quite comprehensive, leading it to be possibly the most wide-ranging style of game titles, and may contain several games which may better be classified under types that are thin. Usually, adventure games that are absolute have issues for the gamer to fix, with no motion or hardly any. It’s usually restricted to remote mini-games when there’s motion. Motion games that were absolute have gameplay depending on real time connections that problem the reactions. Consequently, both reactions and problem-solving participate, in both violent and non-violent scenarios. Action Adventure games are faster-paced than real adventure games, you need to include contain bodily in addition to conceptual problems where the storyline is passed rather than narrated. While movement-established, frequently reflexive, activities are needed, the gameplay nevertheless uses several adventure sport genre tropes (collecting things, investigation of and conversation with one’s surroundings, frequently including an overworld linking places of significance, and problem-solving).


  • Free to download
  • Latest android game
  • Great graphics
  • Minecraft like story
  • Very Nice gameplay
  • Very engaging
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Requirements: 2.2 and up

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