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Chat with Penny, your personal finance coach, to securely track your spending and plan for a better financial future! We’ve processed millions of transactions and helped hundreds of thousands of people. Stress less and save more money with Penny!

💬 Features
✔ Money Tracking: Explains your spending and income with friendly messages and simple, beautiful graphs.
✔ Spending Insights: Shares fun and useful facts, like where you shop most or how much you spend on fast food.
✔ Bill Tracking & Reminders: Tracks your upcoming bills and credit card payments and reminds you when they’re due.
✔ Spending Notifications: Notifies you when new transactions arrive.
✔ Automatic Categorization: Sorts your spending into simple categories, automatically.
✔ Unified Finances: Shows all of your transactions and balances in one place.
✔ Fee Alerts: Warns you when your bank charges you a fee to try and save you money.
✔ Spending Goals: Helps you set achievable spending goals and take steps towards saving more & improving your personal finances.
✔ Personal Finance Coaching: Unlike typical spending trackers like Mint, Penny also teaches you best money management practices like investing and using savings accounts.
✔ Security: Built with bank-grade security by industry veterans.

🔭 As Seen On
✔ New York Times
✔ Forbes: 12 Free Apps To Track Your Spending (2016)
✔ TechCrunch: Penny Is A Chat-Based Personal Finance Coach (2015)
✔ Lifehacker: Penny Tracks Your Spending and Walks You Through Your Budget (2015)
✔ Google Play Store Editor’s Choice

…and many more!

🔒 Security
✔ We use SSL 256-bit encryption—the same security protocol that banks use.
✔ Nobody, including you, can access your money with Penny.
✔ Penny never stores your bank credentials.
✔ Closing your Penny account deletes all information from our servers, as if you had never signed up.

⚙ Support
✔ Penny supports thousands of banks and credit cards including: JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Capital One / Capital One Credit Card, Navy Federal Credit Union (Navy FCU / NFCU), American Express (AMEX), Citibank, USAA Bank, US Bank, Discover / Discover Card, BB&T, PNC, TD Bank, Regions Bank, SunTrust Bank, Huntington Bank, Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU), Fifth Third Bank, HSBC Bank, State Employees Credit Union (SECU), NetSpend (MetaBank), Woodforest Bank, Simple Bank, Key Bank, Ally Bank, PayPal, and many more.
✔ Penny is currently only available in the United States.

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