Here’s Penarium APK Full Android arcade game free download is a crazy 2D stadium android game in which you undertake the function of our anti-hero that is far-out; Willy. Willy is caught in a crazy circus show where to leap, he must run and prevent various fantastic deathtraps while being cheered on with a vicious bunch that’s his bloodstream for blood; outside. As you are able to, endure the actually on-going armada of damage for as long and overhead yourself a winner of the Penarium!

It functions 3 game success amounts to overcome 30 single-player campaign degrees and leaderboards.

Penarium is placed in a black show stadium, where similar to Gladiators of aged, participants, are made to amuse a bunch that was vicious. In this 2D stadium video game that is crazy, you accept the function of our anti-hero that is far-out Willy who, to live, is made a leap to run and prevent various fantastic deathtraps. Willy and triumph may end up being the Winner of Penarium. He who fails will perish in a horrific manner, much to the joy of the crowd that is baying.

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Requirements: 2.3.3 and up

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