Paradise War 1

Here’s Paradise War APK Free Android RPG Download. The 3- individual planet that is split was very relaxing with no contrasting subsequent to the three kingdoms called Aden Gracier and Elmore had authorised nonaggression agreement. The equilibrium was damaged when Elmore and Gracier created an alliance as Gra- assaulted Aden and Kingdom, murdered the King raiding the families of 1/2- elves and animal men for gold. The queens, that have been responsible of Aden, had delivered knights that were courageous to battle frontier against Grael without achievement, in order that they made a decision to join forces with elves. Nevertheless, it Gra-El and did workout destroyed Elves money that is ’. Before his departure, the King of Elves summoned his parent monster to guard his heir to Aden for safety. In addition, the time to come-Master must try to find fans and the wonder guns prepared for repair and retribution. That is the way the war starts! My lord, you, is responsible today! You’ve got our spirit today! Please guide us for the wars that are coming and acquire the throne again!


  • Angry Love Affair, Protect your love in Heaven!◎
  • Killing Device Setting, Combusting Fuzzy Colliding!◎
  • Conjuring 3 Components To Conflict, As Your May!◎
  • Mercs As You Compliment, Recover Honour!◎
  • Dual-tool Program, Changing Openly!◎
  • Summon Your Inner Devil, QTE To Success!◎
  • 100S of Story Line, Never Bored Again!◎
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Requirements: 2.3 and up

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