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Often we do not know what we’ve got on-hand. So when we go to create our order, we order what we do not need and we don’t order something we really need.

This handy app will allow you to quickly see, and change the quantities of what you’ve got, and subsequently, what you need on your next order.

Never experience that face-palm moment when you open your order and remember that you forgot something Essential 🙂

This is our beta release, and we will be adding the following features in the near future:

* Bar-code scanner, to quickly add/subtract items from inventory
*Add products (you don’t have to stick with what we’ve entered..you can add anything you want to track)
*Product Details page: See more information about the product for sharing with friends
*Images: Add/Remove product images the product details page.
*Formulas: Add/Edit/View your favorite formulas when you are looking at a given product, or in the Formulas page.
*Database Delete: If you need to start over, we’ll let you remove all the products and info…and you can use this app for anything you want that has a bar-code

Category: Business
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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