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Are you using your smartphone or tablet in the late evening?
Eyes fell tired after watching videos, news, books and website?

That is due to blue light. Blue light emits short ranged radiations which focus on the outer part of the retina. These radiations are a strain for the cells composing the retina, putting the eyes in a state of prolonged fatigue leading eventually to a decrease in sight. Natural light emissions at dusk are classified as “low temperature colors”. This is a reason why our human brain finds it easier to fall asleep under low temperature colored lightnings.

Night Mode-Blue Light Blocker app makes your screen adapt to the time and usage scenarios of the day. Multiple modes and eye protection training are provided.

● Reduce blue light
● Night reading mode
● Eye protection training
● Screen filter
● Easy to use
● Multiple modes to pick from

Reduce Blue Light
Night Mode-Blue Light Filter has 6 different modes for eye protection so you can read news, website and watch videos clearly.

Night reading mode
While keeping the original colors intact, filters all the harmful light fatigue inducing emissions that occur during night time reading on Apps like Youtube, Instagram or Kindle.

Eye protection training
Night Mode-Blue Light Filter also ships some exercises good for the eyes. This is achieved by using the in-build camera on your smartphone and analyzing the movement of the eyes. This can help relieve your vision and only requires about 30 seconds of your time.

Screen filter
All you have to do is one tap to adjust the filter intensity for natural light. Night Mode-Blue Light Filter can adjust the brightness of your screen automatically to fit the environment lightning and preserve your eyes.

Easy to use
A simple and clear interface designed for easy turning on and off.
Shipped with a nice selection of wallpapers for an ever better comfort.
Regular auto-activations and reminders all designed for the comfort and protection of your eyes.

Multiple modes to pick from
-Night Mode
-Readin Mode
-Aid-sleeping Mode
-Entertainment Mode
-Game Mode
-Outdoor Mode

● Before installing other app, please turn off or pause this app to enable installation.
● When taking screenshots, please turn off or pause this app in case screenshots use the app effect.

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Category: Health & Fitness
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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