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Here’s Mythikos – Unique Gameplay RPG APK+OBB Free Android RPG. Mythikos – Anime, trendy, RPG – Join deities to be collected by us total ethnicities! Exceptional Game-Play attribute to discover keys of leaders over Powerful turn-based conflicts! Gather Strong Deities including Chione the well-known Nine-Tails and the very first to encounter and participate in the latest issue over Anime & Sport Lovers. This sport is friggin amazing! Who created all these figures!” – World Difficult and  Prepare to have a legendary and mythic storyline, create your most powerful group of deities for proper advantages over gamers that are other!


  • GATHER CREATURES ANDFinest Illustrators were created with by all Deities and handcrafted in to 3D simulation.
    More than 70 70 Deities and always adding new types as time goes on.
    Gather, Personalise and Create your group to control the contests.
  • UNIQUEFind the keys of Supervisors, assess their weaknesses and Earn!
    Changing in creatures that are specific to counter your opponents at moments that are crucial.
    String that was rapidly collectively awakened skills to deal huge damage.
  • A MAGIC EXPERIENCE- Mythikos – Unique Gameplay RPGFrom dreamscapes and shrines to properties of snow and fire.
    Endure the never-ending studies of the Systems of Night and plunder its items.
    Enterprise Mytho Guides that are distinct that is through and face the groups that are most powerful.
  • INTERACTIONAL GAME-PLAY WITH ACTUAL PLAYERSType total and guilds guild assignments for loots that are uncommon.
    Communicate via chat with other members.
    Use creatures in the Stadium to show schemes and your creative thinking.
  • COMPLETE SPORT SYSTEMSDeliver creatures to experiences obtain and off line loots that are free.
    Planet take on other gamers problems and Leader positions and daily occasion.
    Your fortune to decide to try day-to-day to progress your creatures.
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Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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