My Daddy 1

My Daddy is an interactive, animated book app about a little boy and his Dad. It is fun, engaging, and filled with examples of how Dad’s help their younger children every day in meaningful ways, such as teaching them how to ride a bike, helping with homework, and scaring away the monsters at bedtime. Your child will love “My Daddy” and perhaps gain a greater appreciation for the Dad in their own life.

Dedicated to fathers everywhere who have the desire to be actively involved in the lives of their young children. Thank you for all you do for us, both individually and collectively, and for the important role you fill in society!

Try to find the little white mouse on every page. He’s a little tricky but fun to have around. Tap around to see what happens and listen for different sounds!

Authored by Jason Izatt and David Pettit. Illustrated by Darrin Gygi, whose distinctive style and keen eye for humor engage younger readers and make “My Daddy” difficult to put down.

Note: no cartoon mice were injured or harmed in the creation of this book app.

Updated to comply with the standards set forth in the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA).

Introduces music, new pages, new animations, a map for where animations can be found on each page, a trivia page, and a description of various free online tools used to create and publish this book app.

New splash and tail pages replace those used in prior versions.

This book app contains examples of each of the animation types offered on the TaleSpring book app publishing platform. Contains more than 600 separate animations!

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Requirements: 4.4 and up

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