Here’s the Mobile Security & Antivirus Apk Free Download Latest Version security antivirus app by ZenGuard GmbH for Android for ZenFone Asus phones download Feeling that is ZenMate is your all in one protection and anti-virus program for tablet PC and your Android Phone. Download this app from here today to experience a complimentary 7-day demo of complete protection when you need it! Trusted by over 30 thousand customers, ZenMate is the group who brought the easiest way, you ZenMate Center VPN to remain private and safe online, while getting the content you adore! Victor of the Prize for ‘Finest Safety/Secrecy Startup of 2014’.

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Mobile Security & Antivirus for Asus Phones

  • Apk Size: 5.2M
  • Game Installs:100 – 500
  • Android Version: 3.0 and up
  • Android Game Developer: ZenGuard GmbH
  • Apk/App Download: DOWNLOAD

Mobile Security & Antivirus App – Updated/Latest Version:

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Mobile Security & Antivirus APK – Features at a glance:

  • Malware Reader – Smell out risks with confirmed recognition rate that is 100%.
  • Program Lock – Create an additional FLAG signal for the programs that were delicate.
  • Antitheft – Remotely and course manage your device when from the sight.
  • Internet Protection – Sense secure 24/7 with real-time safety for Androids.
  • Privacy Consultant – Notice which programs may drop your info that is personal.

Program Lock

Stressed that other folk seeing your pictures or may be studying your private emails? With Program-Secure you no more require stressing! Place an additional FLAG signal for any programs that were delicate you’ve in your device and it is possible to make certain that only you have accessibility.


With Mobile Security & Antivirus Apk App Maintain your Asus Phone malware-free! Malware Reader may assess for any spyware, infections or other malware that may have contaminated your telephone number and take it off for excellent in the secure digital card and yourAsus Phone. It scans programs for malicious software as they are installed by you or if you want to execute the check by hand.


Notice thatAsus Phone must link to the net – providers empowered for the attribute to operate right.

In case your phone misplaced or gets stolen, ZenMate Perception can help you to get it right back. How? You perform remote jobs like securing telephone display with a signal, sounding an alarm as well as in the worst case, clean all private information fromAsus Phone or can find yourAsus Phone on a chart. Additionally, it may send SMS orders, like your sim card was altered out.

Privateness Advisor

Observe just the type of information your programs that are installed might drip on the web and obtain. Uninstall any programs that are unwanted right from ZenMate Feeling. You are also told by Privateness Expert when programs download information that is unwanted and reach the Net.

Internet Security

Rest assured your on-line searching experience is not dangerous. The Internet Protection attribute of ZenMate Awareness finds harmful content while your device fixes and browse and retains you.


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OFFICIAL Mobile Security & Antivirus APP

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