Mars Xplorer 1

Join the fun! This application lets you view the terrain of the planet mars in 3D. Data from NASA and USGS combined with Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence works together to give you the best real experience and extend your smart phone capabilities. The AI is new and can detect structures on the surface. The default color layer shown is 323m/pixel but there is a higher resolution radar grey 100m/pixel. It allows you to zoom down to the surface and roam around like a rover. You can fly over interesting areas using our “Trek” capability. You can quickly create your own custom Treks anywhere on Mars fly over them and save them for use anytime! You can select one of our GPS Tracks or add your own then fly over automatically using that track selecting your altitude and rate. Lists of locations on the planet are available from us or you enter and zoom to the longitude/latitude you enter. Multiple layers of terrain information can be overlapped and transparency control for each layer is provided.

It is best to use an internet connection through a WiFi router and we tested with 2GB of CPU Memory and large pixel count but it might be okay with 1GB and low pixel resolution but not with 500MB of CPU Memory. We support Android 4.4+.

Category: Education
Requirements: 4.4 and up

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