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LiveActive Health Tracker is a multiple chronic illness and medication tracking app that creates reports which can be shared with family members or your physician. Improve medication compliance with reminders and closely monitor opioid or other controlled substance intakes‚Äč.

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– Customize your chronic illness categories with goals, description, notes, and assign a medication to each category
– Set your own goals for blood pressure, weight, anxiety, or any other custom chronic illness
– See how simple changes in blood pressure or cholesterol improve your cardiac risk index

– Take pictures of your medications to improve compliance
– Set reminders for medications across all devices
– See how your current medications affect your blood pressure, blood sugar, anxiety, pain, and any other chronic illness
– Monitor medication intake and take notes to share with family members or your physician if you skip or take a medication
– Assign each medication to a chronic illness category to assure each medication has a purpose. This can avoid unnecessary medication intake.

– Generate reports to see how one illness affects another, like anxiety and blood pressure.
– On the same graph see when medications are taken to see its effect on your chronic illness
– Reports are easy to read and divided by weeks to assess trends

– Share your reports with your care coordinators, family members, home health team, physicians, and nurses.
– Keep your medications in order and share this with your healthcare team to assure medication list is accurate
– Share reports via text messaging, email, or print

Category: Health & Fitness
Requirements: 4.4 and up

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