League of Angels-Paradise Land

Here’s League of Angels-Paradise Land APK Android RPG. The area of Elysium has turned ugly. The Angels have eventually toppled as the nobility out of their spot. But this didn’t lead to serenity. The truth is, the strife involving Orcs and the Humans have increased even more. Each of the while, hiding in the shadows, an energy that is nefarious plots its retaliation.

Story states simply “Rr,” a historical relic of the Angels, gets the capacity to change destiny preventing the end-of-the-world.

Join the epic tale! CONFLICT WITH ANGELS, ENCOURAGE YOUR CHARACTERS! Retrieve the beauty of the Category of Angels!

League of Angels-Paradise Land APK MOD. Updated/Latest Version:

The most recent mobile-game in award winning Category of Angels set is here now! League of Angels Property is another epic fantasy RPG that’ll take you through the planet of the Angels on a painful trip.

Aesthetically, the game features delightful personality style made by senior art director on GTA-5, powerful surroundings, and amazing 3D images. On the gameplay aspect, a brand new double-source fight program and use of several types like Rogue-Like and MOBA have established a distinctive and advanced cellular RPG.

League of Angels-Paradise Land Android Features:

  • Outstanding Visual Demo:
    Spectacular battle scenery
    Powerful 3D effects
    Beautiful personality artwork and design
  • Participating Scheme:
    Legendary Conflicts: Source battle method provides yet another level of strategy
    Advanced Twin Smartly and sponsor Characters develop your group to overcome the forces of evil
  • Several Progress Strategies:
    understand and update Sponsor Enhance Characters and Rise their strength strong Abilities, and develop your greatest team
    Hundreds of Hero Gear Approval lets your strength is added to by all of your Characters
    Imbue your Characters with fresh capabilities utilising the Magic stones that are mysterious
    Hero with fresh capabilities utilising the Magic stones that are mysterious
  • Extensive Selection of Game Play:
    Honour Test: gamers around use technique to beat your opponents, the globe
    Maze: Research Dungeon-running sports style on the basis of the Rogue-Like genre
    Stadium: Conflict the depths that are darkest, locate items that are hidden, and face larger-than-life Leaders!
    Guilds: Create or join Guilds with numerous gamers, try towards aims that are common
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Requirements: 4.0 and up

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