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Here’s Kill Shot Virus APK Free Android action game download. We want you! Downtown has been absorbed by the afflicted! Save yourself the Town, Shield the children and CEASE HERPES! You won’t play yet another Zombie Shooter game in this way! Get Kill Shot Virus today!!

Eliminate Chance Virus may provide strong customization options, enabling gamers to ensemble their prototypes in just about any manner that they see fit, as well as outfitting them using an extensive array of weapons that is deadly they’ll have the ability to utilise to cause chaos in the postapocalyptic planet that Hot-Head Games developed. The facilities that were Canadian formerly disclosed that a totally free will be utilised by their forthcoming cell game -to- play with the business plan and be backed by in- buys, although no information on the latter is shown up to now. No matter whether Kill Chance Virus actually ultimately ends up being a mobile game that is special or not, this special features some pretty impressive images and FPS resembles lots of interesting


  • play-through 100 adrenaline-pumping first-person-shooter tasks to stop the spread of the virus
  • Terrorise the Underworld close up and personal using an enormous collection of Machine Guns and Assault Guns, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles
  • Pushing the limits with beautiful next-degree images presenting the zombie- city that is contaminated and madness
  • Combat and defeat lots of additional terrible forms of monstrosities as well as zombies including Jumpers, Exploders


  • Get decked-out using numerous supplies that were apocalyptic to survive the invasion
  • Need a boost? Release heck with powerups including health packages, slow MOS, and armour piercing rounds
  • Provide legendary weapons and apocalyptic tools to uncover your zombie-killing possibility that is total


  • destroy the underworld together and Produce a success faction! Scale the Leaderboards
  • Compete against players and groups around the globe for Zombie beauty!
  • Talk To companions as well as friends and family as you fight your way throughout the Zombie-Apocalypse!
  • City Crisis function styles and * City Assault are contained to live like zombies that were super – against lots of the strong and contaminated manager

The best FPS Zombie shooter on mobile- Kill Shot Virus! Play Now for FREE!

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Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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