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Welcome to Kidjo!

Take kids on a wild and wonderful adventure with Kidjo, an educational entertainment app that little ones love! Perfect for preschool and elementary school kids, this app is filled with smart cartoons and fun games that guarantee a good time for your toddler. At kido we prioritize a safe and exciting environment to teach, develop and entertain your rugrats! We also understand the importance of making time for you parents to take a break from maternity, paternity or motherhood duties. Have your own recess and get that last bit of work done, peacefully prepare dinner or simply enjoy a moment’s peace!

Kido was created by busy parents for busy parents. Aimed at young imp children between two and seven, the app is interactive and completely free of ads or public profiles, so parents can rest assured that their little tot has safer screen-time and is learning too! With a range of tv classics like pic cartoons and even Peppa Pig and of course gonoodle – your tot is guaranteed a safe and fun time. Time limits, program settings, and up to three individual profiles make it even easier to cater for every family’s needs with parental controls.

Kidjo is Coppa (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) and kidSAFE+ certified. Parents can be sure that their babe children are only watching age-appropriate animation content. Be it baby tv or tv aiming to develop your tot, you can be rest assured there is a wide range of programs to teach, educate and develop your toddler. Designed with a young audience in mind, the app’s intuitive design allows children to navigate the interactive interface independently in a safe manner. Grab your kid’s favourite teddy bear and sit back and relax as your kids go on an adventure exploring the fun world of Kidjo on their own!

With more than 1,500 videos available, kids are guaranteed a safer adventure finding something new to watch or sing along with! All cartoons, tutorials, clips and songs or lullabies are carefully curated and approved by child development experts… and kids! With additional parental settings available you have complete control over your babe kids.
Here is some of the content you can find on Kidjo:

– licensed cartoons
– classic nursery rhymes, fairy tales (with pixie and trolls!), lullabies and talking books
shapes, numbers, letters
– fun animal facts (with cute creatures like a wabbit)
– life skills songs & games
– scholastic tutorials for magic tricks, origami, science experiments, yoga
arts & crafts projects

Kids will meet lots of fun and wonderful characters as we combine tale after tale with nursery rhymes and tv animation like, Peppa Pig and of course Trotro! There’s also lots of news from Wild Kratts, even Gonoodle kids and Pbs video as well as Rugrats. Which cartoon will your kid love the most?

Every parent knows how boring long car rides or waiting rooms can be, even if they have their favorite trolls or teddy bear with them! Kidjo offers an easy to use distraction that will teach your kids with its Backpack mode. Downloading and storing clips for offline use on the go is as easy as 1-2-3. Have a recess from motherhood and maternity duties whenever you’re on the move!

Kidjo at a glance:

– More than 1,500 clips of age-appropriate, fun content that kids love.
– Intuitive navigation and child-friendly interface make it easy for kids to use self-sufficiently.
– Parents select time limits, content settings and individual profiles.
– 100% ad-free and no social networks! Children’s safety and privacy is our number one priority.
– COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) and KidSAFE+ certified for full peace of mind.
– Easy to use Backpack offline mode.

Created by parents and made for kids!

Kidjo is the best choice for parents who want their kids to have the safest and best screen time experience possible. Try the full range of Kido’s fantastic features for only 1.99$ a month. Subscription can be cancelled anytime.

Requirements: 4.4 and up

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