Gedup Alarm Clock (Pro) 1

Gedup alarm clock makes all your alarm data easy to see at a glance. Adjust the alarms all within one screen, no annoying pop-ups or screen navigation.

Finally, Android has an alarm clock widget worth using. The alarm widget shows the next alarm time and allows you to modify the alarm from the home screen.

Everyone has their own style, that’s why Gedup provides themes for both the alarm app and alarm widget. Comes with a light theme, dark theme, pink theme, and a AMOLED theme.

Simple to use without the feature bloat of most other alarm apps:
• Selection of themes
• Beautiful and functional widget selection
• Special theme for AMOLED devices
• Gentle wake up
• Solve a math puzzle to dismiss alarm
• Random ringtone option
• Extra large snooze button
• Automatic alarm adjustment for timezone changes
• And much more

Category: Productivity
Requirements: 5.0 and up

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