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Hi ! Not Work Because i Open and Show System Message “An Update is available for Gear. Club! Please download it to continue playing!” I click ok but buton do nothing 🙁 Can Fix Please ?

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Thanks For Fast Fix 🙂

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Shadow Fight 3 (Mod)
@APKReal Team you no fixed this problem because i download and again see this “system message , Please update the application” i can only click download and do nothing. I check in system settings ->applications->installed->shadowfigt3 and show version “1.0.5037” but your site i see “1.0.6068” so you upload wrong apk or previous version. My tip first time check game in your phone and next upload 🙂

Shadow Fight 3 (Mod)
Please Fix this because , after end tutorial see message “please update the application” i download this latest version

PinOut Premium Apk Don’t Work I End at Level 4 but next i see buy premium to continues i take not now so i need start at level 1 i have rooted phone nad off internet please fix

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
If i Open game I see message “This action has already expired. We look forward to seeing you at the official release! CODE:20” Can Fix This Please ? 🙂

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