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If you want to keep your favorite football teams game interesting over the weekend, try playing Football Bingo. It is a great way to help your friends stay involved in a slow moving game. Our games have items which are listed in 4 categories: offense (OFF), defense (DEF), referees (REF) and fan (FAN). After you and your friends have EACH downloaded the app, or gotten a free paper football bingo card, just start watching the game. As the plays occur or the commercials play, and you see one of the items on your card, shout out to the others in your party, and mark your card. When you get 4 in a row, column or diagonal you win. What you win is up to you and your group. You can try the game at your next party by downloading the free cards from our website and trying it yourself. This game is meant to be played with small groups, and you are encouraged to shout out when you see something on your card and argue the point with your friends while you are playing. If you want, make up your own rules, like setting a time limit. We hope you enjoy our games.

Category: Sports
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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