Fold Over Cushion Fabrication 1

Anyone with a sewing machine and a little time can build beautiful, colorful, and comfortable cushions. The “fold over” style is especially quick and easy. Hit the “eBook” tab to access an instruction manual just for fold over box cushions with lots of illustrations. And don’t overlook the “Calculate” tab — it gives access to the most accurate way to determine the yardage needed for any fold over cushion project and a pattern for cutting is also generated. There has never been an easier or more accurate way to gauge needed fabric. The calculator makes pattern matching automatic — horizontal pattern repeats will be centered on every cushion! And vertical repeats will be consistent from cushion to cushion. The “Video” tab gives access to Sailrite web videos that clearly demonstrate techniques. And, finaly, supplies can be ordered or information sought without leaving this App: the “Sailrite” tab leads directly to the Sailrite Web Site.

Category: House & Home
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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