Fin - A Minimalist Adventure 1

Here’s Fin – A Minimalist Adventure APK Free Android adventure game free download. A long time ago, Finensess and B were living joyfully. Everything changed when Fidondo kidnapped B.. Fin must move each of the checks Fidondo ready for him. In this epic experience, assist his pals and B to finish each of the tests and find the key of Fidondo out.¬†Play “Infinity Mode” for infinite adventure!

Controls are easy. It only requires one finger. The character automatically starts moving to the right. All you have to do is touching the screen and make the character fly. You must avoid all obstacles and collect coins.

The game has An Account Mode which includes humorous storyline and 20 unique levels. This time it is different. Principal personality, in B, B get make an effort to return to our love and kidnapped. B must move all check and new theories etc., such as challenges, something new is released on each check Prevent duplication that may bore the gamer was attempted by me.

There’s likewise an Infinity Setting at which it’s possible to play but you overcome and like your high score that is own.

There are 30 characters that are different. A few of these have abilities that are exceptional however they’re higher priced than many others. Nevertheless, you can find key areas in Story Mode at which these figures can be unlocked by you at no cost.

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Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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