EverClicker 1

Here’s EverClicker APK Free Android Adventure Game Download. The Celebrity Devourer creature that is starving is consuming celebrities right from the EverVerse planet, and it’s up to your own group of characters that are non-stop to stop him! So that you can combat fantastical creatures in Ever Clicker, a group of renowned characters awakens by way of some varied sides that are amazing to experience. The more awesome characters it is possible to awaken, the further you travel! Encourage your troop that is non-stop with abilities that are exceptional and great results, and celebrate successes in a Meal Corridor that is upgradeable. With every click, you’ve got the ability to discover things that are rare, magic charms and much more from the cryptic, non-stop planet of the EverVerse.


  • Gather new charms to unlock mythical skills and weapons that are enchanted
  • Embark on Awaken together with friends and family to recover a lot more stars in the Devourer clutches
  • Power up your heroes in the Hall with charms that are magic
  • Gather new courageous 3 heroes of darkness and of sunshine
  • Embark on quests that are specific to increase your heroes’ powers that are non-stop
  • Your gameplay to change
  • As the the first choice of the characters, you always have to remember this strategy… that is many significant CLICK QUICKER!
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Requirements: 4.2 and up

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