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Daregon: Isometric Puzzles Android Game Explore impossible geometry and the best puzzles.Inspired by “Monument Valley”.Find the way out of the most difficult mazes to solve without help.How come out of an impossible maze where every time you enter the door you come to the same place?Walk beautiful scenarios in daregon isometric puzzles¬†based on the geometry of Escher.Impossible geometry and optical illusions to explore.

Daregon Isometric Puzzles Walkthrough:

Daregon: Isometric Puzzles:


Solve puzzles without tutorials or help.
Puzzles based on “The Witness” & “Zelda Ocarina of Time”.


Enjoy and take advantage of the isometric view.
Combinations of relaxing colors for the eyes.
+ 30 scenes
+ FREE DLC: XAMAN (with 5 new Levels with new mechanics)
+ FREE DLC in develop
Inspired by “Monument Valley”, “Zelda Ocarina of Time” and “The Witness”

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Requirements: 2.3 and up

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