Here’s the Danger Dodgers! Apk Android casual game full unlocked free download. In this game, you will have to choose your character, dodge the meteors, and don’t get squished! That’s your aim or job while you enter this amazing game. Get this game and install it on your android devices and have a great time enjoying it.

danger dodgers - Danger Dodgers min 150x150 - Danger Dodgers!

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Danger Dodgers! MOD APK Updated/Latest Version:

Android casual game free danger dodgers - Danger Dodgers Apk min 300x169 - Danger Dodgers!latest android game danger dodgers - Danger Dodgers Mod min 300x169 - Danger Dodgers!

Addictive and cute- I love this game, it has even displaced Candy Crush as my go to have while riding the bus!


  • Free-to-play!
  • Diverse Cast of characters from the other side of the globe, and all over the webs!
  • Discuss and take on friends and family!
  • Simple to understand, but difficult to not get squished!
  • Come right back daily for fresh figures and presents, problems!

Danger Dodgers Mod danger dodgers - Danger Dodgers Apk mod min 300x169 - Danger Dodgers!full game unlocked danger dodgers - Danger Dodgers android min 300x169 - Danger Dodgers!


  1. Download the Android Game from the button below in the download section
  2. Install the APK (Don’t open the game)
  3. Copy OBB to SDCard>>Android>>OBB
  4. Launch That’s All
  5. Like us on Facebook: or like us using the floating chat head on your right!
  6. Request more Mods at REQUEST APK


Danger Dodgers! APK OBB Danger Dodgers! MOD APK

Support the developers after using the MOD.

If you have any issues then please comment below or else just leave a thank you for the apk!

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