Here’s DANDY DUNGEON APK Free Android RPG. Yamada Kun is a salaryman each night, who grows a video-game in his flat. In his video-game, he’s a courageous, effective hero encountering delights and studies within different vintage-pixel-arty, chiptune dungeons. He could be the star of his sport. Additionally, he could be the superstar of our sport(, that you need to download), which represents his existence, as well as includes the totality of his sport.

Yamada Kun (Age 3-6) is a salaryman employed as a software engineer in a major game publisher. His job stinks. Heavy into every evening on his sport, he operates in his flat. 1 day, the Chairman shoots Yamada Kun! Yamada sun’s sport reinforces -producing resolution: the Wicked Chairman will probably function as the boss that is final! He falls in love with Maria-chan (Age: 18) across the street — he may as well set her in the sport, also! It will most likely not actually be weird or crazy in any way! She may function as the princess, and she can be rescued by him. It will be-be such an easy game — a story of love that is real. Yamadakun is thrilled to produce his sport. We’re thrilled that you play with our sport, which will be about Yamadakun creating his sport. Please play our sport, within which you may additionally (make and) perform Yamada sun’s sport.


  • Use your mind: use things
  • You should carefully consider when and the way things are used by you.
  • Some items assault opponents that are remote; all opponents are attacked by some things.
  • Some enemies have / or motions and specific abilities.
    Value your products. You are loved by your items. Comprehend when, where, and the best way to make use of them.
    It seems great to plan ahead.
  • Update your arms!¬†DANDY DUNGEON
  • Let us be fair: you can not have an experience without occasionally inadvertently getting weaponry, things, armour, and prize. They are laying around everywhere!
  • Entire a dungeon to maintain the prize you made.
  • Use value to improve armour and your arms over time. Except for armour and your arms do the eating it is like cooking.
  • Switch on gear when you put in a dungeon, to be more powerful. (You begin at level 1 each single time you put in a dungeon. Yamadakun is 3-6 years old: this is the kind of sport he enjoys.)
  • Identical things that are provided to discover a multitude of gear units that are good, dandy idiotic.
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Requirements: 4.0 and up

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