An exciting, developing, has a game mode for two and a clever bot.
The original gameplay.
To get around an opponent, you need to set a course and step by step to get around his opponent!
The game has online training.

Rules of the game:
1. Players take turns moving forward on a certain number of cells.
2. The number of cells on which the player can move, depending on whether he is now being transferred.
For your convenience, we pometeli cells to which you can walk.
3. Transfer of the first course is zero, which means that you can go to only one cell.
Now you can sound like either one or 2 cells forward.
4. If the transfer will be equal to two, then you will be like 1.2 or 3 cells.
5. You can move only on the number of cells equal to the transmission of greater than or less than the transmission one.
6. What is a greater number of cells you’re like, the higher the transmission.
Maximum transmission – fifth.

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Category: Racing
Requirements: 2.3 and up

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