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Here’s Crusaders of Light APK Latest Role Playing Game for Android is a high fantasy MMORPG for mobile phones and produced by facilities NetEase that is Oriental. Select from one of Ranger: Mystic, Soldier, or three categories, and start on a trip to increases your strength. Your persona true possibility levels 4-5 and discover the complex character development method to use. Research a 3D world full of sailing boats, hazardous beaches, green woods, and volatile dungeons. Join a guild, and group together to resist with the many powerful leaders in the property. Discover provide your self with equipment that was looted to improve your statistics and improve your capabilities, and lost items. Or, just take part battlegrounds to develop your own skills.

Using each of the components of a normal RPG, players may start on a trip in an available and a wonderful 3D fantasy world full of crab shores, dangerous dungeons, delicious landscapes and sailing boats, while finishing difficult tasks that can reward them with loot that is enviable. Gamers begin by selecting from among the Mystic or Ranger courses and attain legendary status when they discover the complex character development program at level 4-5. Get Crusaders of Light from here now!!


  • Join as much as 40 guildmates as you collect loot and accept managers
  • Prove yourself in Stadium Conflict with methods and 1v1 and participate in discovering strong equipment sets
  • Show-off your abilities that are outstanding as you participate in large-scale conflicts, and protect your beauty


  • PC images that are to involve you in this remarkable MMORPG game on cellular
  • 300 hrs of gameplay including numerous routes for the hero
  • Lively fantasy-world together with the capacity to achieve the enviable mythical standing of degree 45


  • A large number of armour accessible guns, clothing and more
  • Amass uncommon things supplying edges that are unique which gamers may join to eventually become strong
  • 50 exceptional brackets from a flying carpet into a fire-breathing dragon


  • Chat with gamers all over the world using the voice system that is integrated
  • Get in- your favourite moments with friends on interpersonal media, as well as sports selfies, discuss customised characters

Crusaders of Light FEATURES:

  • 40 Player Raids – group in a raid of 40 gamers defeat managers that are dangerous and to beat through dungeons.
  • Three Courses – select to perform as Ranger or both a Soldier.
  • Complex Progress – at degree 4 5 gamers discover the character advancement program that is complex.
  • Stadium PvP – analyse you may as well as just take to the stadium with buddies.
  • Arena PvP – link the madness of 25v25 large-scale conflicts to sharpen your own skills.
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Requirements: 4.0 and up

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