Here’s the Choppa Mod Apk is a science-based motion sport with touch handles & video, procedurally created 80 and periods s style rock songs. The primary pull of the sport dropping to the ocean or preserving as several individuals as possible in the danger of bursting and is advancing through randomly created levels. Gamers can buy fresh helicopters, improve armour, motors and recovery equipment and entire while targeting the best rating difficult assignments. Google Play Games leaderboards are reinforced.

Choppa choppa mod apk - Choppa min 150x150 - Choppa MOD

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You’re a coast guard rescue helicopter pilot that is dangerous, Ron Guiver. An oil rig tragedy that was horrible has occurred in the shore! Against your superiors’ purchases and thinking that is better you fly to the risk area and leap in your chopper! There is no moment to drop, as possible conserve as many folks!

Choppa Updated/Latest Version:

Choppa choppa mod apk - Choppa Apk min 300x169 - Choppa MODChoppa Mod Apk Android game choppa mod apk - Choppa Mod min 300x169 - Choppa MOD


  • Straightforward and touch controls that are exact
  • Science-established soaring simulation
  • Periods were created by Procedurally with challenges that were catchy
  • Homesick 80s feel with explosions and awe-inspiring stone songs
  • handmade pixel art images
  • Group of choppers that are unlockable
  • Tonnes of interesting assignments
  • Accomplishments & Leader Boards

Choppa Mod choppa mod apk - Choppa Game min 300x169 - Choppa MODChoppa Download choppa mod apk - Choppa Android min 300x169 - Choppa MOD

What’s with the MOD?



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Choppa MOD APK

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