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Here’s Card Thief APK Full Android game download for free by Tiny Touch Tales is as you may have thought, a sound card stealth sport that’s played using a deck of cards. Card Thief is an homage to the traditional sport from looking-glass as in burglars. Light and shadow play a vital part each card may be either dark or light and alter their value with respect to the present condition. By choosing cards which can be near every other so that you can to create a trail along this trail yourself, you may perform. She’s finished whenever you decide on a card which is two areas from your burglar card although card may undertake each shift.

The previous problem improves and together with everything card worth because of this move this signifies that pads become prizes more precious and more threatening. Gather or pick-pockets items over the approach so that you can slip past enemies and obstacles you must invest stealth factors these factors could be refreshed by picking up put cards or utilising a peak card on every heist and the aim of every sport would be to steal the fortresses torso card.

It’s possible for you to consider three gear cards on you including the hide that’ll provide you added stealth factors or the well-known string arrow allowing one to shift place with a different card pads may observe other lit cards beside them they’re facing direction is shown by the view depend five pads respond to your own activities and may become alarmed or funny and certainly will shift their position-based in your activities. That is facing from you and is standing in the darkness, in the event that you find a way to slip past the guard. Without actually investing any points that are stealth, it’s possible for you to perform with this card

Card Thief Android attempts to join tactical preparation of a game that is stealth with all the ease of a solitaire game. it’s suitable for short play periods and provides game-play depths for different gear cards and four distinct heists each making use of their particular enemy and challenge cards.once you’ve performed all cards from a fortress terrace the way out card may spawn only at that level you are able to determine in the event that you would like to flee in DV or consider the threat to select up a couple mo-Re gifts on the method upwards.

Card Thief APK MOD. Updated/Latest Version:

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Card Thief Android Features:

  • Solitaire style gameplay
  • 4 heists each with different enemy and obstacle types
  • 12 unlockable and upgradable equipment cards
  • Mini deck building
  • Daily Heist with global high scores
  • Deep tactical planning for fans of the stealth genre
  • 2-3mins playtime per game


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Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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