Call Notes - Don't forget what to say 1

Sometime you got call but you don’t remember what you want to say :-S .. Or you need to do multiple calls but tired to write down notes for all call.. :-S

Call Notes will help you :=O :-O. You can write call for your contact and whenever you call that person, call notes will appear on call screen.

Notes on Call : You can edit or delete call notes while ongoing call.

Write Notes for Call History : Ohhh. You forgot to write call notes on your last call? (facepalm). don’t worry. Just select last call from app itself by clicking on miss call icon. 8=)

Notes for Contact : Select number from contact and write notes for that contact. All from app only.

Speech Recognition : Tired of writing notes, Just speak then Call Notes will automatically convert it in to notes.

Headphone Support (headphones) : You can select whether you want to show call notes only when Headphone plugged-in and disappear when headphone plugged-out.

44 Background Colors : Select different background color from 44 colors.

Call Notes Text Size : Select Micro, Small, Medium and Large text size for Call Notes

* Drag Notes popup any where on screen so no need to ask gravity

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Category: Communication
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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