Here’s The bug butcher apk with mods Free Download for Android latest version The bug butcher Android Game Download The Insect Butchers is an activity-packed 2D side scrolling blast em up a sport where the risk comes from above. Therefore in a nutshell, insect handle with machine guns in the area. Outdated scarves are held by the center mechanisms in the traditional game shot Super with present day kinks, although in which you shoot vertically. You’re Harry, an intense and bold exterminator with a talent for insects that are decimating. Ferocious waves and starving colonies of insects of every dimension may try to destroy you, but fortunately, there’ll be health and arms pickups to help Harry on his mission. The bug butcher apk Reactions that are furious are required for success, but Harry powerups may allow the bowels reach and travel the larva shout! Harry duty requires him to the swarmed advanced study center on earth Zoit. He was used by the diminishing and living amount of scientists because of his slaughtering abilities. Look out for the lions they have a special fondness for rubber enveloped science/researcher. After touchdown, you are going to go from room to room throughout the service raging lasers, rockets, and carrying the strength of lights upwards at something maybe not individual.

the-bug-butcher the bug butcher - THE BUG BUTCHER 150x150 - The bug butcher

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The Bug Butcher Game Apk- Updated/Latest Version:

bug_butcher_android the bug butcher - bug butcher Android 300x169 - The bug butcherThe bug butcher the bug butcher - 3 the bug butcher 300x168 - The bug butcher

5_the_bug_butcher the bug butcher - 5 the bug butcher 300x168 - The bug butcher4_the_bug_butcher the bug butcher - 4 the bug butcher 300x168 - The bug butcher

The Bug Butcher Android Game- FEATURES:

  • Co-op (panic mode)
  • Good Graphics
  • Powers/ abilities
  • Challenging
  • Various enemies
  • No Lags


  1. Download the Apk or mods from the button below in the download section
  2. Install the apk
  3. Extract the “” AND copy the obtained folder to Internal Storage/Android/OBB
  4. Launch the game
  5. Done
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Official The Bug Butcher APK The Bug Butcher MOD APK The Bug Butcher OBB If you have any issues then please comment below or else just leave a thank you for the apk!

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