Bored Button 1

Bored Button is the fun app, where you decide press the red button or not!

If you ask us, we would advice: Dont Press The Red Button, mate!

But its up to you to start and never end.

Start with pressing one time, you will be addicted to press and press on this small button and no one on the earth can stop you.

Seriously, some people can decide that this is useless app, but it helps with bored time to pass and be more happier.

Lets check how much can your nerves keep struggling…

Facts about Bored Button:

– From now on you will never be bored, thats for sure!
– Always will want to play this game
– And your time will be quickening in this realm

Try now and let us know, if you stopped

Category: Trivia
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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