Blocky Castle 1

Here’s Blocky Castle APK Android action game free download. What goes on when lots of animals that are exciting begin to climb and defeat the many hazardous structure fortresses of the planet? Locate it!

Decide your preferred competition while hiking to the very best of every structure, and beat the challenges that are catchy, but quite dangerous. Razor-sharp surges, falling stages, fire barriers, moving casks, large stones and bound weapons among other meanies are looking forward to your coming to wickedly drive right back you to the pit. However, you need to worry not, knowledge of the good and atmosphere time can allow you to get through even the most difficult scenarios!

Blocky Castle KEY FEATURES

  • Light-hearted visuals that were brilliant
  • Lots of characters that are hilarious
  • Simple and user-friendly controls
  • Easy and gameplay that is addicting
  • Total retina screen support
  • Google Play support


  • Swipe left or right to jump onto the next platform
  • Swipe up to use a switch, enter a door, climb a ladder or jump high
  • Swipe down to climb or drop down from a ladder


  • Every obstacle represents a different threat, be sure to learn the patterns
  • Don’t rush it, pace your actions to avoid unnecessary mistakes
  • Jump forward if a barrel or rock is coming at you
  • Coins are always awarded, even if you fail to complete a level
  • Be aware of all the obstacles visible on screen, not just the next one
Get it on:
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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