Battle Breakers 1

Here’s Battle Breakers APK Free Android Action game download. When without warning creatures from area assaulted your kingdom was at peace! Smashing heavy to the earth they caught its own characters, and the globe, in lead crystal that was techno magic. Now take your world back and it’s your responsibility to collect the best group of superb players – one split at a moment!


  • Conflict the Huge Hord: Generate dream teams of mages and dinosaurs. Amount your team up, discover abilities that are new, and call your chosen dog into conflict to offer OPTIMUM INJURY.
  • Break to Discover Prize: The Huge Hord has plagued every part of the Empire, to steep hills and early woods from lava areas and ice sheets. Break deposits to uncover an enormous universe of wonder and prize.
  • Huge Important Attacks: Earthquakes, tidal waves, and firestorms are yours to control. Exclusively by tactical and intelligent usage of the components is it possible to get the better of huge leader who’ve jailed the Empire and the Beast Hord.
  • Develop a Huge Selection Of Characters: Construct, secure, and update the Sky Structure that is historical bolster your defenses and to improve your empire. Here, your characters may develop their strikes that are important in numerous manners, and that means you determine the method by which the conflict may split.
  • Provide Friends to Conflict: Contact up on friends and family to help out with the conflict against the Beast Hord and free the Empire from its lead crystal crate.”
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Requirements: 4.0 and up

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