B2B Sales Training – Customer Objections 1

Customer objections don’t have to be a barrier to your sales success! This app provides a proven sales process and key insights to handle customer objections, defuse customer anger and cultivate stronger customer relationships. It includes planning sheets for easy adoption and application of these game-changing concepts. Use these interactive sheets prior to your sales call to plan out anticipated objections, and develop questions that will help you uncover customer concerns and motivations. This app is powered by top sales training company Carew International and features the LAER Bonding Process used in Carew’s popular Dimensions of Professional Selling® (DPS) sales training program.

Customer push back in the form of complaints, objections or anger can present a formidable hurdle for sales professionals. Carew’s LAER Bonding Process™ provides an effective method to not only handle customer objections, but use these opportunities to enhance the customer relationship and move the sales process forward. With these skills and insight, sales professionals can engage instead of panic in the face of negative customer input.

Category: Business
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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