Here’s the Aura Kingdom – Kai Yuen Goddess Apk Download android RPG full game free. Shield by your dream, me In 2013 ‘s best Japanese anime hands visit “Feeling Empire”, the planet ‘s 18 thousand gamers who performed the traditional games, the infamous system, 100 again to create a big MMOPRG national sport masterpiece, creating a fresh MMORPG hands traveling variant, the real Japanese Movies persona layout type, the American dream motif on-line roleplaying sport, in a adventure sport like Western cartoon. Aura Kingdom is a Japanese anime design fantasy experience MMO, the game gamers may perform “Qiyuan messenger”, “open source messenger” to control the thoughts “supply of Lord ‘and a growing number of strong, but in addition an essential instant using the gamers collectively Shi Zhanjiang significant actually take nirvana. Primordial who open your personal globe that is a unique phone it in the Aura Kingdom – Kai Yuen Goddess.

aura kingdom - kai yuen goddess Aura Kingdom - Kai Yuen Goddess Aura Kingdom Kai Yuen Goddess min

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This Aura Kingdom – Kai Yuen Goddess game may be the Internet transmission costs incurred, calculated according to the cost of the telecom companies and Internet access rates set.  The game is currently available for the game in general account, quick registration, community account.

Aura Kingdom – Kai Yuen Goddess APK. MOD Updated/Latest Version:

1. 新增「烽火戰爭前夕資料片」6張新場景和其主線任務
2. 新增「烽火戰爭前夕資料片」3個劇情副本
3. 開放新裝備階級55、60綠色品質及對應橘色、紫色、金色品質裝備
4. 新增 「時裝收藏冊」系統
5. 新增 「隨機取名」小功能
6. 新增 「快捷表情」小功能
7. 新增 「競技復仇」可透過介面查詢目標玩家的資訊,並進行復仇挑戰
1. 調整 巡迴競技賽遊戲體驗,玩家之間會受到此功能調整彼此傷害能力
2. 因應「烽火戰爭前夕資料片」開放,調整天空之塔特定樓層的通關獎勵
3. 因應「烽火戰爭前夕資料片」開放,調整副本「白石神殿(夢魘)」王怪掉寶與通關獎勵
4. 因應「時裝收藏冊」系統開放,調整「異界‧斯坎地漁港」的王怪掉寶與通關獎勵
5. 優化 釣魚、採集的自動指派功能
6. 調整 於手動釣魚中達到滿分時,將直接結算並獲得獎勵
1. 修正 好友資訊介面顯示的玩家數值資訊異常與實際不符的問題
2. 修正 巡迴賽競技排行榜中,玩家所屬公會異常與實際不符的問題
3. 修正 競技場和巡迴競技賽排名顯示的玩家數值資訊異常與實際不符的問題

Aura Kingdom - Kai Yuen Goddess Apk aura kingdom - kai yuen goddess Aura Kingdom - Kai Yuen Goddess Aura Kingdom Kai Yuen Goddess Apk minFree android game download aura kingdom - kai yuen goddess Aura Kingdom - Kai Yuen Goddess Aura Kingdom min

The Aura Kingdom – Kai Yuen Goddess ANDROID RPG FEATURES:

  • anime experience 2nd component attacks!
    Real Western fashion, you detonate the next component crazy, “I am going to make an effort to shield you in the conclusion” Crisis School, as well as the college, are in love with all the design Top1 new devotee cartoon palm visit!
  • turning Kai Yuen prevent contact God ordained resource!
    Disaster Monster – Bahamut – Tamamo Luna – fallen angels, Asia Gomes – Lucifer, gamers will be accompanied by the traditional way to obtain Lord about, the fight is assisted by gamers, come to your preferred way to obtain Lord establish a deal it as players develop together!
  • Liberty gun program with double
    Gamers through the main and secondary tool of decision to make their very own battling place, each with different weapons and various abilities, there are near combat super player post, many large artillery bombardment, exploitation of organic components the strength of the stick with your hands hands, or have heavenly healing energy of a little harp. In the conflict you Won’t need to change arms, it is possible to really feel free to make use of all tool abilities that are secondary and the primary, so the conflict actually goes with plentiful and increased independence.

  • Raiders! Tower
    The Culture companions, immediate online multiplayer were battling online copy of buddies to affix together to assault the bloodstream and the dungeon Raiders.
  • Locate your personal experience path
    through the experience of the highway program, it is possible to understand an assortment of inactive abilities to make their particular unique abilities, in line with the the educational path you’ll get the ability to understand a strong mixture of abilities with two guns, the lifestyle of assault result or is among the attacking and defensive functions are permit you the independence to pick.
  • Assortment form freerides use clothes dream trend!
    Trend ensemble is Keycode added bonuses and a significant characteristic of the sport which, as well as their very own to generate distinctive fashion design exterior. The complement, select a test of everything messengers vogue theory that is Qiyuan, clothing head-dress, needs to create attractiveness or a style craze sportsperson, it’s important to make great utilisation in their ability ensemble because of his part free having an attire attractive pub that is beautiful!
  • Straightforward! Easily! One finger to perform!
    Additional “Feeling Empire” developed fishing, cooking, gathering, wealthy and fascinating card game, the sport gives gamers mo-Re enjoyable, fulfil your entire discretion and amusement.

Aura Kingdom - Kai Yuen Goddess Mod aura kingdom - kai yuen goddess Aura Kingdom - Kai Yuen Goddess Aura Kingdom Kai Yuen Goddess Android minAura Kingdom - Kai Yuen Goddess aura kingdom - kai yuen goddess Aura Kingdom - Kai Yuen Goddess Aura Kingdom Apk min


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Aura Kingdom - Kai Yuen Goddess APK Aura Kingdom - Kai Yuen Goddess MOD APK


Aura Kingdom - Kai Yuen Goddess APK

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