Here’s the Arcane Dragons APK Android RPG free game download. Arcane Dragons is a quick paced, arcade-style dream, free activity RPG with energizing ongoing PvP and Co-operation modes. Remember the story in this free activity RPG as you browse three unique characters (Warrior, Archer and Wizard), each with an alternate play style. Spare your town from the imposing Dragons, that once lived in concordance with people, and beasts.

Arcane Dragons 2

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Arcane Dragons Classes to choose from:

Warrior – Melee typed hero, physically trained to its limit. Specializes in wide ranged attack and exciting combat that uses Dual swords.

Archer – Ranged attacker hero with swift movements. Specializes in speedy battles that use a finely crafted bow.

Wizard – Ranged attacker hero, who mastered the ancient knowledge. Specializes in tactical combat with elemental magic attacks.

Arcane Dragons APK. MOD Updated/Latest Version:

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  • Real Time Co-operation GameplayStrategize your way through difficulties with a one of a kind Party Play framework. Overcome cell managers progressively, three-man, label group center gameplay in this elating, free activity RPG.
  • Real Time PvP DuelsStretch your abilities as far as possible in benevolent matches with players from various parts of the world in the continuous PvP Arena.
  • Engaging StoryIn this exciting activity RPG, you and your partners uncover the riddles in the Kingdom of Allensia.
  • Stunning GraphicsBe flabbergasted by the amazing visuals and activity at the touch of your fingertips with wonderful lavish situations and magnificent movements of Arcane Dragons!
  • Stylish CostumesHeaps of ensembles to look over at your own decision, even the Fashionista could appreciate the spruce up for the Legendary Costume from Raid Dragon. Ace your battle aptitudes, in genuine cell creeping, dream, free activity RPG, and open many hardware pieces.
  • Pet SystemRequire an accomplice for your day by day enterprises? Summon your most loved pet and level them up.
  • Character CustomizationPrepare shields and weapons to design up your character for testing cells, continuous community attacks, managers and foes progressively PvP Arena.

Arcane Dragons MODS Arcane Dragons 3


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Arcane Dragons APK Arcane Dragons MOD APK


Arcane Dragons APK

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