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Ever wondered where or what is on the opposite side of Earth from where you are? Ok, maybe it’s just me, but since I’ve written the Anitpodes app, now you can find out for yourself.

“Antipodes” literally means “opposite feet”, and refers to the point on Earth exactly opposite your location.

Simply start the app, long press the Marker on the Map and drag it to your point of interest and WOOHOO it will draw a line to the other side of the Earth for you.
See if you can avoid the water, there is _lots_ of water on Earths surface 😀

If you tap a Marker it’ll popup and show you the GPS coordinates of that location.
As with all Google Maps, you can tap the ‘GPS icon’ in the top right corner and it’ll go to your current location (if available).
Long press any location on map to make it the Podes, the map will update accordingly with a new Antipodes.
If you drag the Podes or Antipodes, it’s GPS coordinates will be updated and displayed in real-time.

If you have any suggestions or improvements, email me at

Enjoy and have fun antipoding (I may have made that word up 😉 )
Alan 🙂

P.S. Thanks to for the free to use graphics which I modified.

P.P.S. Explanation of Permissions required by Antipodes:
The 5 permissions used by Antipodes are required when using any Google Play Service. Antipodes uses Google Maps Access to the internet and network – so it can download maps; access to external storage – so it can cache downloaded map tiles; and optional access to location – so it can determine where your device in on the map.

Any questions, just hollar 🙂

Category: Maps & Navigation
Requirements: 2.3.3 and up

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