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Here’s Antidote APK Casual Android Game Free Download. Antidote is a fantastic strategy game influenced by scientific discipline, which signifies it’s total of fresh ideas that are new. With 13 exceptional shields at a lot and your management of strategies that are other to perform, we ensure you have never played with anything like it. Simply the brightest and most powerful can conquer the last boss, although it is simple to begin.

We realise the subject-area is a tad… icky… therefore we covered many of the slimes with cute figures and wonderful, difficult amounts. Attribute us if friends and family get completely fed up of reading how adorable Cholera is…!

Thank heavens you are here. Somebody triggered chaos in the laboratory, and germs and infections are running! Seize charge of the body defences and shield the stem-cell that is valuable in the lots. There is definitely something quite threatening going on here!

What’s all this about science?

You have likely played games before you have influenced and left you using a fresh fire, as well as some actual information. Constructing area rockets, researching background, being bread… they are all excellent. That is that which we plan to supply with Counterpoison. You never need to understand something about scientific discipline defeat and to perform the match, but we ensure that after, you will understand more about it.

Free to play? Where’s the catch!

The Antidote game is free to play and download, using a solitary in software purchase that allows you to perform just as much as you would like if you would like. We will never take something apart from you, although offering exciting new features arriving. Oh, yes, we do not enjoy advertising destroying our games, so if you wish to see advertisements, this is not the sport for you… Sorry!

Early access?
The antidote is in the early access right now – which means that it might change a lot before we finish. While this means you might encounter a few rough edges, Antidote is already a full experience, and by joining now you can directly affect the development. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, the infinite energy will be on sale for the duration of the early access at about 30% of the planned final price.

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Requirements: 2.3 and up

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